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Google PageRank Update on a Blue Moon

Did you notice Google slipped in one last PR update for 2009.Did anyone get a late Christmas present from Uncle Google?Or were you left a smaller lump of green coal in your task-bar than you had yesterday?I looked up a few minutes ago to Continue Reading

Google and The Buzz, The Rumor, The Gossip about Speed

Once upon a time it was "Meta Tags" Tag it and rank. This became passe and "old school" PageRank was the new king of SEO and ranking. The capital of commerce was "What's your PR?" If you had PR you could trade, wheel and deal. Now there is a Continue Reading

Prevent Your Comments From Looking Like Spam

I know that some blogs don't like it if you put links in your comments. As a general rule I don't like it either, with this exception. "When a link contributes to the discussion" it is good to add a link. When it tries to "hijack" the discussion, it Continue Reading

WordPress 2.6 to 2.9 Leap of Faith

Catchy title, but not true.   It was a leap from a far distant version of WP to try and close the gap all the way to 2.9.   But the leap itself was covered by:A complete site backup to the local hard drive A backup of the database A restore Continue Reading

WordPress 2.9 Oh so fine – Is It?

Yes it is. I've upgraded,   No Glitches I've upgraded 4 blogs at this point.   Last night, late, I pulled the plug and updated a couple of the kids.   (The little kids, sorry to say, which are easier to sacrifice to progress)   The kids were Continue Reading

New Google Wave Test

This Wave is Google Preview.   Want added to join the fun leave a comment.   I also have a few invites I can hand out if anyone need/wants one.[wave id="hGIdFKNVC" bgcolor="#666666" color="#000000" width="600px" height="2000px"] Continue Reading