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WordPress 2.8.6 Please update now

That yellow banner keeps staring me in the face from blog to blog as I navigate my little community of blogs. I took the time to run the upgrade on one of the tiny little guys, (we are willing to kill the small and young) but I haven't done so on Continue Reading

There are TWO Google Waves ?

It was a few days before REBarCampSD (Which was fantastic btw) that I finally found out there are two types of Google Wave Accounts. Now I understand why the Waves I've been testing are getting ZERO activity. Google Wave and Google Wave Continue Reading

Buying a House is like Buying a Toilet

For most people buying and selling real estate isn't a hobby.   It is something they need to do in order to fill a need or desire in their life.   Once they have made the purchase they move on to the next need or desire.   But a hobby, is totally Continue Reading

WordPress MU – BuddyPress

Like I don't have enough to doLike I don't have enough to do.   I've decided the next step in my self education on blogging and blog platforms is Wordpress MU and BuddyPress.I'll admit right out of the box that I'm almost as lot trying to Continue Reading

Twitter Goodies Widgets

Twitter Goodies WidgetsI've tested a lot of Twitter widgets here at the Lab. This is the latest. I like it quite a bit. For one thing it incorporates Twitter Lists. It also lets me totally customize the colors, look and feel of these Continue Reading

Add a Call Out Box to your Posts

This is a Call Out Box I Don't know what they are actually called. I'm calling them a call out box. You shape the size by where you place the returns. If you want the width fixed add a width add: width: 250px; to the CSS or however wide you Continue Reading