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Zemanta Blogging with Training Wheels – But Worse

Here is my follow-up post on Zemanta plugin.   I didn't think it would be this soon.   I thought I could live with it and try it a little while longer to give it the benefit of the doubt.   I'm glad Tilly has been providing some feedback the past Continue Reading

Zemanta Plugin and Content Suggestion Tool

Image by daveintucson via FlickrEvery year I come back from REBlogWorld and BlogWorld with new ideas and toys tools to try out here at the Lab.   This year one of them is Zemanta.Last year it was Apture.   I've had that installed here at the Continue Reading

WP-Thumbie for Graphic Impact of Contextual Related Posts

I'm a nut for photos, I love graphics and they way they catch the eye better than words alone. WP Thumbie caught my eye about a month ago. I love it.If you put photos on most of your posts and use contextual related posts you will LOVE Continue Reading

Site Framed in by Hootsuite

Why did I pick Hootsuite when there are others that are much worse?Because Hootsuite is very popular and lots of people are sending tweets with Hootsuite and the Hootsuite toolbar Because I like Hootsuite and I would like them to find a way to Continue Reading

Firebug for Firefox

I use this almost every day of my life.   It was back in July of 2008 that Brad Carrol left one of those "golden egg" comments.   It changed my life.   Debugging a blog has never been the same since.     Here is Brad's Comment: Hi Dave,I put Continue Reading

WordPress 2.8.5 Upgrade All Clear

It was late last night when the upgrade notice to 2.8.5 started to appear on my blogs.   (You didn't know this wasn't something that showed up all at once everywhere?)   The notice showed up first here at the Lab.   A couple of my test blogs didn't Continue Reading