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Fishing for the Few While Ignoring the Many

Serendipitous Marketing - Fishing for the Few While Ignoring the Many Yes, you might get a "lead" or "referral" from Active Rain, but what is your ROI? This is not a post against Active RainActive Rain is a great social site for people Continue Reading

REBlogWorld Lab Rats Connect

Connecting with Lab Rats at REBlogWorldI'm going to REBlogWorld again this year.   (Oh you didn't notice the BIG BADGE, Sign-up discounts and Twitter stream) I'm on a panel about Hyperlocal blogging with some other great RE Bloggers.   But Continue Reading

The Wapple Mobile Plugin

A Holiday Weekend Toy for RE Blog Geeks I don't make this stuff up, honest.   It is the wapple, not to be confused with the Whopper from Burger King or the one from WarGames.It has nothing to do with Apple even though there is a W in front of Continue Reading

Keep Spam 100% off your blog

The Trifecta to keep Spam 100% off your blog This week I've had emails or comments from two bloggers that are spending time and money removing spam comments or trying to prevent them in the future.I have 6 main blogs and at least 20 all Continue Reading

Wibiya Toolbar Support – Get Satisfaction I’m not Satisified

Be careful what you say to Get Satisfaction Tech Support I'm more than thrilled with the Wibiya toolbar. I'm not thrilled with the way the tech support and documentation is set up.But yesterday I was really taken aback when I found a question I Continue Reading

The Wibiya Toolbar

You might have been seeing the toolbar at the bottom of the Lab showing up on a variety of blogs and websites lately.   It is a beta application with the catchy name Wibiya.   You can apply for a beta invite by clicking on the toolbar itself which Continue Reading