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More things you can do with Simple Sidebar Navigation

Simple Sidebar NavigationThere are so many ways you can use this plugin. The one I employ on most of my blogs is the section for the simple top navigation. But if you want to create truly dynamic sidebars this plugin (with some thought to Continue Reading

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile Theme

Mobile, I said it months ago, I'm saying it again. The more I browse with the berry, the more I'm finding so many sites with theme's and code that don't play well on a mobile device. Get a Mobile Plugin I started with Mobile Press but have moved Continue Reading

Custom Post Template Plugin

I installed and tried a couple different custom post template plugins.   This one actually works quite well.   I don't know if it is the name Custom Post Template that does it or not.   I do know that since WP 2.8 there are quite a few plugins that Continue Reading