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Make this Post “Sticky”

This one is too good to pass up. It fits right along with the last post on mistakes beginning blogger can make. I've never seen this one before but it could be happening to a friend near you.I got this rather urgent plea for help this morning Continue Reading

The Image Widget

After attending REBARCAMP Denver I attended my first "after party". It was while having a conversation with a new lab rat and a couple of veteran rats I realized the topics covered here at the lab have evolved with me. That realization came when I Continue Reading

ReBarCamp Denver Here We Come

I'm off to Denver for REBARCAMP. I'll be heading out of the desert a couple days early to get a chance to do some photography of something besides cactus, stucco and brown.I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends I haven't seen Continue Reading

Cross Linking is Good Approving the Pingback is Bad

A Quick Sunday Tidbit We all know deep linking and cross linking our posts is good SEO and it is good to help readers navigate to relative content in other posts.When you link to an older post from a new one you usually get a ping back as soon Continue Reading

IDX Iframes don’t have to break your theme

IDX Searches don't have to limit your options eitherIDX you swear by them, but they seem to limit your Theme choice and you are always working around the darn Iframes which seem to break a theme or demand more screen real estate than you want Continue Reading

Put a Vertical Gallery down the side

Add Two CSS Div ClassesBy creating these two div classes below you can put your NextGen Gallery displays to the right or the left of the content in your post.   The width of the div can be modified to whatever size you want to make it.   It Continue Reading