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TweetGrid Helping Your Social 2.0 Clients Prepare for The Move

You are already using social media, right.   (A pen and paper with a stamp called a letter is social media)   We are being shown in conference and meeting all over the country how to "market" ourselves on line using social media.   I won't list the Continue Reading

Building Quality One Way Backlinks Yourself

I've written a couple of post illustrating how you can build good one way backlinks to your site without resorting to leaving comments on blog post which is very much a gamble you will get any of the link juice from the post.Backlinks are about Continue Reading

Rebarcamp Phoenix #rebcphx After The Event

I've heard the term REBARCAMP ever since the Inman conference the summer of 08 in San Fransisco.   The term has popped up all across the country and they are growing in number every month.       As a Dial-up Geek I was curios about what they were Continue Reading

Admin Drop Down Menu

WOW WOW WOW, talk about pick up some horizontal real estate.   I just installed the Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu.   I thought it would add the Admin menu to the top of the screen so I didn't have to scroll way down to get to the settings I'm always Continue Reading

The Connection to the Server was Reset While the Page was Loading

I've been busy the past couple of weeks (hence the slow posting rate here at the lab).   I'm working on a project (more on this later this week), which requires the ability for the site to handle large file uploads.   I tested the new site and the Continue Reading

Mouse Over Effect Without JavaScript

JavaScript and Mobile Browsers As we move more and more to a world of mobile browsers there is one area where the hand held devices have an Achilles heel.None of the browsers to date can display JavaScript; this means no flash, no cute mouse Continue Reading