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Where Bling Rules You Can WIN

In a world where eye candy and bling rule, you can trump the world and win.I've told you how to do it in the past. I'm going to show you how it is done today. Trump and Win with Knowledge Pretty, most organization want "Pretty".   This is Continue Reading

Magazeen Theme Modified

It seems the best of intentions are once again thwarted by the passage of time. I realized this yesterday while driving from Tucson to El Paso and exchanging emails with lab rat about the modifications to the Magazeen theme.I have forgotten to Continue Reading

Walk Scores for Finding Places

This has more to do with marketing than blogging.   But I ran across a tool this week which you might find really useful in an un-intentional way.   One of those Serendipitous things I'm always talking about.   Briefly:Email from Eric Wu about Continue Reading

Lightbox Framing More Than an Image Effect

Lightbox for ImagesLightbox can be used for more than images.   Did you know that?   You can put video, podcasts and yes even websites in a lightbox.The plugin I'm using here at the lab is Flashbox Plus.   There are a lot of lightbox Continue Reading

Have a Little Fun With CSS

Going Green on St. Patrick's Day Sorry I didn't get to this a little sooner.   Didn't have the idea till some things were cleared off the desk and out of my mind.   Yes, I just said "Out of my mind"I've been modifying a theme lately and doing a Continue Reading

RE Blog Lab (Me) Sidetracked

It wasn't actually the Lab that was sidetracked, it was me.   The Lab is secure and has been since the beginning.   But late last week I downloaded a web based FTP client I needed for a project and I wasn't careful in finding it.   I did a google Continue Reading