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Search Engine Query in WordPress

THIS IS A MUST HAVE PLUGIN I found this trolling the newly released plugins yesterday.   I wasn't sure exactly what it did at first.   It sounded a lot like the Landing Pages plugin which I still like and have active on all the blogs.This little Continue Reading

Serendipitous Marketing Don’t Over Target Your Content

One of my principles of Serendipitous Marketing.   Don't over target your content.A paradox of targeted searches: "More is Less"   the more criteria you enter for a search, the more restrictive the results.I once missed out on a great house Continue Reading

Serendipitous Marketing

Serendipitous Marketing is a concept a lot of real estate bloggers have a hard time getting a handle on.   So let's try and put a handle on it.Serendipitous Marketing is the flip side of "Word of Mouth"   It is a term I use when talking about Continue Reading

Seven Ways To Sharpening the Focus of Your Blog for 2009

What are you going to write about in 2009. There is nothing worse that sitting at your computer knowing you should write for your blog but you don't have a clue or an idea.   Now is a great time to sit down and select a few major themes you want to Continue Reading

Wringing Water From A Turnip While Sitting on a Gold Mine

This is how I describe commenting for "Link Juice"Think about it.The post has to be indexed The post has to have aged enough to have PR All the links on that page divide the PR juice of there ever is any If the post looses PR during a Continue Reading

My Custom Widget for Your Custom Blog

My Custom WidgetThis is what I call a sledge hammer of a plugin.   It has everything including the kitchen sink.   I don't know where to find the kitchen sink, but I know it has to be there.First,   When you install this thing you are going Continue Reading