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Observation on Google PR Update Dec. 30, 2008

I've had a little more time to look around today at the Lab and check out a couple of things I geek over after each PR update. When is the latest Post in the Bar I started playing this game over a year ago.   Once I know there's a PR update I go Continue Reading

Year End Presents From Google PR Update

I've noticed a PR update going on here at the lab and around my other sites. I thought there might be one coming soon. Here it is just a day before the new year.   Unlike much of the economy which seems to have shrunk for the most part I'm seeing Continue Reading

Paying To Have your online Reputation Ruined

Are you paying good money to   a company that is hurting your online reputation? The sales pitch: We will build you a website and manage your SEO to get you top rankings in all the search engines.   There is just a small setup fee up front and then Continue Reading

WordPress Registration

I don't understand Registration.   I never have understood why anyone would want to register to a blog.   I have registration turned off on all my blogs, or at least I thought so.   I had an email this morning come in saying I had a new registration. Continue Reading

YourStreet For Your Blog Content

I don't know when I ran across YourStreet.   I often forget all about it, then I'll see a hittail search result showing a link coming in from YourStreet.   I like this site.   It is a good place to get your hyper local content syndicated.If you Continue Reading

WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Complete – What A Treat

The upgrade last night on my little lab rat went so well I not only upgraded the Lab but my Tucson blog as well.   Now today I'm finding my way around anew since navigation is completely changed from any previous version.   There are a lot more Continue Reading