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Back Posting Why Would You Do This

The post about handling Testimonials on your blog included the concept of back posting those testimonials so they would show up in the testimonial category but not show up on the home page.   This way you get the testimonials on the blog but don't Continue Reading

Blogroll Page vs Blogroll Sidebar

There was what I consider to be some bad SEO advise being given out in the RE Blogosphere a little over a year ago.   It had to do with the idea of being penalized for having a blogroll in your sidebar.   The advise was to create a blogroll page and Continue Reading

Testimonials on Your Real Estate Blog

Do you have testimonials on your real estate blog?   I know people like reading testimonials.   I personally like a good roast better, but that's just me.   The question is how do you handle testimonials on your blog and not come off as egotistical. Continue Reading

Embed YouTube High Resolution Video in your Blog

Are you tired of uploading video to YouTube that looks great on your screen but like CR@P when you embed it on your site? Want to change that? Here is how you do it. And it is simpler than you might think.Add &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to the end Continue Reading

PodCampAZ Day 2

I've never been involved with podcasting either audio or video. I bought a flip video about four months ago and even turned it on a couple of times. I made a short video of my Dad in the hospital so my little sister could see he wasn't going to Continue Reading