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KB Advanced RSS Plugin

Last month I wrote about   RSS Widgets under utilized.   One of the suggestions I had for quick, fresh content which could be updated daily was to create an RSS Feed using Twitter Hashtags.   The only thing I didn't like about the idea was the Continue Reading

Mobile Press Plugin for Mobile Browsing

More and more people are using mobile devices to search then net.   Providing a way to have our blogs rendered on mobile devices is something all real estate bloggers should be doing.   The MobilePress plugin is one way to address this NOW.It Continue Reading

Landing Site Plugin Slow Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is usually considered something we can do little about directly.   But there is a plugin which might slow your bounce rate and keep readers on your site longer.We have all done a search on a term and found the results to be less Continue Reading

The Combining of Two Blogs 55 Days Later

I took two of my blogs and merged them into one.   Tucson Real Estate In the News merged with Tucson Real Estate to form a single entity.   The story of the process is documented in Combining Two Blogs in to One A Geeks Holiday Weekend.I'm not Continue Reading

Theme Graphics Bake Them Remake Them

Graphics are the little touches that make your theme special Graphics is another place you can really change the look and feel of a blog theme. In case you didn't know you can replace or tweak those graphics used to trim out a theme. Closely Continue Reading

So You Think You Have A Catchy Title

A Blog Lab NuggetYou think you have a catchy title for your blog post;  keyword rich and sure to be indexed in the first 20 minutes after you publish it.   It is a killer post and a killer title.   You proof read it, honed the sentence structure Continue Reading