Archives for August 2008

Google Sitemap Generator Issues

A couple of month ago I upgraded the lab to WP 2.6.   You will remember I wasn't to happy with what was going on at the time.   I'm still finding some issues but for the most part have learned to live with it.I've also upgraded three other blogs Continue Reading

Askimet 2.1.8 Issues

I've recently upgraded three blogs to WP 2.6.1.   When I try and do anything with a comment that is flagged spam, I get an error message.If I check them as not spam an error message appears about not being able to modify a header file.If I Continue Reading

Header Image Rotator and WP Super Cache

I recently installed the WP Super Cache plugin on Tucson AZ Real Estate.   I've installed it here at the lab as well.   I hadn't noticed any difference in how fast the blog loads, but I did notice something this morning.   I'm using the Header Image Continue Reading

The Lab Rat Report Continued

On Monday I wrote about the Hosting Day from Hell that took almost 12 hours to get everything back up and running. I was going to have this post live yesterday, but something call "Life" intervened and I was in the real world for most of the day. Continue Reading

Today I was the Lab Rat

It all started out as an early morning experiment that went horribly wrong and I learned more than I ever wanted to know about patience and URL resets.   I'll try and keep this short and break it into section.   Yeah, I learned a lot Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing Subjects and Topics

While the lights were dimmed in the Lab for a couple of weeks to start August.   I was on the road with my camera bag on the seat, laptop on the floor and Panasonic Lumix FX35 in the my left thigh pocket of my cargo shorts.   Cargo shorts have become Continue Reading