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Tracking Tracking Tracking How much is too much

A couple of Observation about Tracking Traffic How many different traffic tracking systems does one blog need?   It seems like everyone wants to track my traffic and report on it.Feedburner MyBlogLog Google Continue Reading

Google PageRank Update It was nice while it lasted

Real Estate Blog Lab loses PR5 to PR4 Many Well Known Blogs Loose PR in this UpdateIt was April 28, 2008 when I last reported a PR update.   That was when we gained our first PR5 ranking.   It felt wonderful having that first PR5 and is hard Continue Reading

WordPress Streamlining Cut the Code

Bread and Salad Can Kill a Google Bot Or you could say: Where's The MEATI look at page source code all the time.   I want to know how many lines of code a search engine bot has to navigate before it gets to the meat.How often do you check Continue Reading

WordPress Theme Design Book

I've slowed down the release of the posts in the series on Wordpress Theme Checklist. I wanted to take some time and read a new book out on Wordpress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley SilverIt is the first book I've found dedicated to Wordpress Continue Reading

WordPress 2.6 a Bear at Image Handling

Taming the Wordpress Image Bear with Captions There are a couple of major changes in CSS styles that will need to be incorporated into your blog if you are going to use the new caption class and the image class for your blog posts. This is due to Continue Reading

Why I HATE! WordPress 2.6 in less than one minute

Yes, I upgraded to 2.6. I HATE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO THE VISUAL EDITORFirst, Flock browser won't even let me log back into the admin panel after the 2.6 upgrade.Worse AND I MEAN HORRIBLE WORSE is the removing of the "Insert Image" icon Continue Reading