Archives for June 2008

Flock the Sports Car of Browsers

(UPDATE Flock 2 beta) I've just upgraded to Flock 2 which is in beta using the FF3 engine. It is working like a turbo charged sports car now. Top down and running over 100, smooth as glass. What the Flock I couldn't bring myself to use this as Continue Reading

Single Property Web site Documents Provide Transparency and More

It has been quite a while since I added any content to the single property website category. What I want to touch on is contained in a couple of the posts but not as obvious as it should be for something you definitely want to include on a Single Continue Reading

Firefox Spell Check Auto Save Publish

I have a regular routine I use before I hit the publish button.Preview and actually Read the post Edit it again Create the excerpt for the post Add the tags Check the category (is it the default or the one I want the post to be Continue Reading

Google Search Results Firefox and Internet Explorer

Be a Lab Rat conduct an Experiment, (No Lab Rats will be harmed in the process) I need the help of some Lab Rats (I use that term endearingly) who use both FF and IE.Here is the Lab exercise I'm getting different search results from Google Continue Reading

Are You Experiencing the Google Bungee Bounce

Musical Chairs Un-Merry Go Round Google has always been the ones calling the dance, but lately, I can't even tell what tune is being played.I get the feeling right now that for any site that wasn't created as a covered wagon on the Internet is Continue Reading

Modifying The Theme Header File

Header Branding I know some people are really into "Branding" and it is all the rage these past few years. When I first heard the term living in Tucson I thought they were talking about cows and roundups. I think it was 5 years ago when "branding" Continue Reading