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Google PR Update Appearing

I noticed about twenty minutes ago a change in PR being reported in my toolbar.The Lab has a PR5 (today).   One of my other blogs has moved from 3 to 4 for the home page.I haven't checked any of the others yet.I'll also be looking at Continue Reading

WordPress 2.5 More Observations

Manage still exists but Options is gone. The Options have been scattered about various places on the Dashboard. Settings, Plugins, Users are now top right. They aren't on a tab just sitting there to themselves.Tags, are "Managed" but I'm not Continue Reading

Trolling for Links vs Being a Backlink Troll

There are plenty of spammers and short cut artist in the net taking a good tool and using it for less than honorable purposes. So why not take a Trolls tool and use it for a good purpose.Marc Rasmussen made a good point about wanting to put his Continue Reading

Check Your Google Webmaster Tools Often

We get busy. It happens. I know because it happens to me. I have a routine I usually go through at the start and the end of the day. It varies little, making sure everything is up and running for the hours I'm shut down.Sometimes though a Continue Reading

Comment Kahuna Great Way to be Banned

Lately, I've seen more and more comments coming into the lab and my other RE sites there were obvious to me the post hadn't been read at all.Today I ran across this "Free" tool for creating instant great backlinks to your site. The little video Continue Reading

A Tool to Help Pick Keyword Targets

Don't know where to go to find keywords or specifically what keywords to target? Like Zillow.Personally, I'm not one for eating Dog. But if it is a dog eat dog world out there then here is a tool to make eating dog a little more Continue Reading