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Dates are important even if you aren’t single

Dates are important on your blog and in your posts I'm an old (yep old) database programmer. One thing about all of us that predate (pun intended) the "millennium bug", we want dates. We want those dates in a complete form. Meaning, two digits for Continue Reading

Real Estate Blog Lab Running WordPress 2.5

Looking into WordPress 2.5 What the heck, it is just a hobby blog, right! So I pulled the plug and upgraded to 2.5.I might even be so bold as to try and add an image to this post. WOW, going out on a limb there hey.It is different, very Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing with Images

If you don't take picture and aren't interested in Photography keep reading. The principle I'm going to talk about has a wider application than just photography. However, if you have or want to start a Hyper Local Real Estate Blog I would recommend Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing Driving Traffic or Herding It

I'm reminded of the story of the Pilot of an airliner coming back to talk to the passengers on a flight when one of the passengers asked "How are we doing?"The pilot responded: "Well I've got some good new & some bad news (don't you love Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing Local and National Events

What is going on in your neck of the woods. Are you writing about these events? If you aren't you should certainly consider it. I know they are covered on television and in local color articles in the newspaper, but you would be surprised how many Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing Title Tags

Title Tags The Engine Under The Hood These little babies are the Turbo Charged Engines that makes the wheels go round and it is unfortunate they are also the Rodney Dangerfield's of the Internet. I say the internet and not just blogging because Continue Reading