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Splogs A Rite of Passage

Update : ) Another splog picked up this post on splog splat. Heck I'll Give him a link just for the fun of it. Remember this is my hobby blog. Splog Picks Up Splog Splat PostWhen I first started blogging about 18 months ago I heard the term Continue Reading

Google Content Analysis Tool

Are Meta Tags Resurgent? I was in my Google Webmaster Tools yesterday clicking around as the PR update continues to make its way from data center to data center. I've often found a correlation between PR updates and "New Google Toys" to play with Continue Reading

Google PR Update I lost PR and I Couldn’t Be Happier

I wasn't expecting a PR update from Google this soon. The last was longer coming than most of us thought and now there is another so soon. I started noticing the change in some of my sites on Tuesday Feb. 27, 2008. It is continuing to sweep over Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing Create Your Own Backlinks

I remember when I first got started blogging I read everywhere. "To get a high pagerank you have to get quality backlinks."True, and a good piece of advise. How do you do that? "Write quality content that people want to link back to" Sounds Continue Reading

Hyper Local Blog Market Targeting

What a mouthful. I am a hyper local blogger at heart. It is the focus of my writing and the time I spend studying how to get these blogs in front of new readers and provide valuable information about my real estate market and the community in which Continue Reading

PicLens One Sweet Add on for Your Browser

PicLens is hard to describe until you try it and once you do you will never look at images the same way again. You can't use it to view all images (YET) but we can only hope. It works with IE 6+ Firefox (Windows and Mac) or Safari Continue Reading