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Google Sitemap Stats

Google went away from the supplemental indexing or at least from reporting the supplemental results. Which left some of us wondering what might be going on. Personally I like having everything in the index or at least most pages and post are doing Continue Reading

My Blog Log – Goes Yahoo Gray

I might be some kind of WordPress geek but I'm part of the older generation and I don't particularly like change, unless it is for the good, like DSLR Digital Cameras.MyBlogLog was purchased recently by Yahoo. I thought okay no big deal, till I Continue Reading

Restore your WordPress Database From Mysql 4 to Mysql 5

March 8, 2010 update Feel free to read this post and follow it, it is still applicable.   However, there is an easier way to do this.   I just updated a 4.0 to 5.o in three simple steps on GoDaddy.Login to your Hosting account and make a new Continue Reading

IE 7 fonts on Firefox and ALL OF YOUR APPLICATIONS!

The last post here at the Lab was about the font legibility on IE 7 vs Firefox. I looked and looked to find a way to make them as bold and easy to read on FF as on IE 7 to no avail.But now I have a solution and you can get this same legibility Continue Reading

Firefox and IE 7 Display

I've waited for a very long time to update IE to version 7.   Our local MLS software was not compatible with IE 7 when it first came out.   I recently checked again to see if any of the recent work they have done on the software changed this.   It is Continue Reading

WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade is Complete

I wrote this post last night.   Now I get to write it again and hopefully not delete this one using Windows Live Writer.The 2.3.2 upgrade was painless.   So there is no smoke in the Lab just this picture of Prickly Pear Cactus since upgrading Continue Reading