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WordPress 2.3 and Askimet Approved Comments

I have moderation turned on for comments on the blog lab.   The setting is for approval of all first time comments and once approved the person making the comments can continue to make comments as long as there are not more than 3 links in a Continue Reading

Lightbox your way to a quicker load

I like big photos. I like them to fill as much of the space on the screen as possible. On an individual post the page size by K isn't too bad with large images. But when there are 5 to 10 posts on the home page all with images on them, it can Continue Reading

Supreme Ruler Feasting & PR

Need I write or even say the Ruler associated with PR. No not the Price is Right. Some would think it Pretty Risky, or Purposely Ridiculous. It was waited for two month longer than some thought it due.But once it arrived many hoped it would Continue Reading

Take a little Bounce out of your Bounce Rate

We all have high bounce rates. Even the people that say they don't do. It is inevitable. We can't control how or when the search engines will place us high on a page for a search. It might not be relevant to the search at all. Write Relevant Continue Reading

Home Evaluation Sheets to Prevent Cerebral Jello

I initially wrote this post for home buyers getting ready to move to Tucson. It's not a real bells and whistles kind of tool but I think some of you might find a use for it with your buyers. Doug Trudeau at Tucson RE Blogs calls this process of all Continue Reading

Target and Focus Your Local Content

I've just written about SEO deprogramming; because of the urge to focus most of your time and effort into SEO for your blog. SEO might get people to come to your site, but SEO won't get them to stay there.This is referred to as the bounce rate. Continue Reading