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Hittail Search Hits

I don't know how many RE Bloggers are using Hittail. I hope it is alot. I know some of you think you can track your traffic through your RSS reader results or your feedburner reader numbers. To me that is like asking the magic 8 ball if your Continue Reading

Ping-O-Matic — Connection Time Out!!!

Update: As of Friday Noon July 27, 2007 it was working again. Request Timeout This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase Continue Reading

Photos an Overlooked Part of Your Real Estate Blog Traffic

Photos on a blog post are cute, sometimes they have nothing to do with the post, sometimes they are stolen and used without permission, but that is a post already written, just not by me. They should enhance the post. Photos are like adding Continue Reading

Realivent CMA request Form on the Lab

Has anyone found it odd that there is a CMA Request form on the lab?I thought someone might ask me about it, but I haven't had anyone inquire about it.Yep, I'm running another experiment on this CMA Request Plugin from Realivant.I like Continue Reading

A Fable Do Follow and Comments

There is   a story told of heaven and hell being exactly alike.  There  are   large banquet tables set with every kind of food and desert imaginable.   Everyone has a fork in their hand that can't be removed or repositioned.   The Fork is so long Continue Reading

Zillow Directory of Real Estate Blogs

Is Your Real Estate blog listed in the Zillow wiki?Would you like to be listed? It is free.Go to the link below Create an account if you don't have one Log in to edit the wiki page Find the section where your blog belongs Type in Continue Reading