Archives for June 2007

WordPress Spellchecker Issues?

I know some Wordpress bloggers have had an issue with getting the Wordpress Spellchecker to work.I first encountered this gem when I upgraded to Wordpress 2.0 The only thing about it, it only worked in Firefox, not IE6. It would show the misspells, Continue Reading

Google Dance Update

Any body feeling the effects of the Google Dance on the last update a few days ago? I've read about an update taking place on a couple of forums. Many seem to have noticed some big changes in their rankings for key search terms. Most were not happy Continue Reading

WordPress 2.2.1 Upgrade

Today I took the plunge once again and upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress 2.2.1 here at the lab. I don't know about you but these things make me nervous every time I do them. As you can see I'm giving roses for this mini upgrade, for all Continue Reading

Photo Evny Not a Pretty Thing

I'll admit it. I have a bad case of Photo envy. I try not to give into it, but even at night while I sleep, it is in my dreams, haunting me, taunting me with it colors, prospective, and composition. I don't even need a computer to see it, This image Continue Reading

Plugoo vs Meebo

The other night I was getting the Scoop on Michigan Real Estate when I noticed Maureen had a new IM thingy (technical term) on her blog.    Plugoo isn't a plug-in.   It is  a script that I put in a text box in the widgets  setup screen  once the Continue Reading

Counter Offer 10 how many have you had?

 We are taking a break today from the usual kind of post about technical aspects of real estate blogging to ask this quick question. What are the most number of counter offers you have ever had to deal with in a single transaction? Yep, the file Continue Reading