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Building a Google Trustbox

The discussion of the Google Sandbox goes on and on. Some say it doesn't exist, other say it does most certainly exist. Lately I've read some are calling it the Trustbox and not a Sandbox.Trustbox makes sense. I think you can build a Google Continue Reading

WriteToMyBlog Testing an Online Editor

I don't know where I ran into this site. Just trolling around one day. I put a link to it and haven't been back since. I was getting caught up with my reading over at the Tomato and found Jim Cronin writing about MS Word gumming up the blogworks of Continue Reading

Single Property Websites No Conundrum

Single Property websites don't have to be a conundrum.   Kevin Boer  is debating the issue with himself I might add.   He is getting some great resources from Matt Dunlap  at Realivant.  Honestly done right, there should be on conundrum about Continue Reading

Oro Valley Real Estate Hosting

This is the first post of three tied to the creation of Oro Valley Real Estate and associated with this post  Oro Valley Real Estate Blog Lives. Google Juice Google Juice is addictive. For those of you that have never experience it and those that Continue Reading

Oro Valley Real Estate Blog Lives

The Oro Valley Real Estate blog is alive. It took several major surgeries on the theme to bring it to life. It still has some shortcomings of infancy to overcome, but for the most part there is a healthy new baby real estate blog in the Continue Reading