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Google TiSP Going with the Flow Free Broadband

That's right you heard it here first of April 2007 Google releases Free Google TiSP Broadband.   What an amazing application of modern commodel communication. What a fanastic idea.   I signed up for my kit just now.   I can hardly wait to get rid of Continue Reading

Publish, Take it back, So You think

I was testing the CMA plugin from Realivent last week.   I put a page up on the Tucson Real Estate in The News with the CMA plugin on it.   The page was supposed to have an introductory paragraph about the CMA, but when  I published the page it Continue Reading

Brother MFC-5460CN Much Less Than a Printer

Follow the Logic Brick Road I've never been the kind of person to use a knife for a screwdriver, well maybe a couple of times.   But that's not the point.While the ladies of the house might go to the mall to "Shop"   they wonder why I don't want Continue Reading

Single Property Site – Sidebar Widget

The Sidebar Widget  is essential  for quicklysetting up my property sites.   This means that I usually pick themes that are already widgetized.  Once you activate the plugin go to the presentation tab.   There you will see the Sidebar Widget Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Pages and Posts

"Remember that every agent's livelihood and ultimate goal is to have as many signs in the ground and as much advertising as possible. The signs and advertising bring more listing leads and buyer leads, which puts more money in the agent's pocket."   Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Maps

I have searched, and struggled and spent many hours working with various plugins for Wordpress to display maps and links the way I want them.   I've finally found the solution that fits for what I want in a mapping for my sites,   it is YourGMap. Continue Reading