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I’m calling about your ad in the paper

On weekends when we are planning on holding an open house, yeah, we still hold them live as well as virtual on the net.Anyway, as I was saying, on those weekends we will often run an ad in the paper complete with a photo of the property and Continue Reading

Google Site Search

Have you ever done a Google search and when you clicked on a link it went to the homepage of the site and not to the information you were looking for.Most of us take 1 millionth of a second to see it isn't there and rather than try and find Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Setting up WordPress

Setting up the wp-configure.php file Before you can install Wordpress you have to have a valid MYSQL database setup and you have to create the wp-configure.php file.Here is the current place to go to get The latest version of Continue Reading

Ordie Tryin Realtor Extarodinaire

Have you ever heard of  Ordie Tryin the Realtor?   He has done a lot of marketing over the years doing his best to represent buyers and sellers in his real estate market.   Ordie is one of those old ways are best kind of agent.You know the ones, Continue Reading

Comment Spam Trap – WordPress Plugin

I ran across this little beauty a few days ago.   The Comment Spam Trap is a Wordpress plugin that is simple and easy to install.   Once installed you just sit back and watch the spam disappear.  When I first installed the plugin I set up the Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Hosting

This will probably be the most boring post in the series.   I'll be covering:  For the purpose of these post we are going to use the address 123 MyStreetDisclaimer: The only association I have with is as a customer.I'm using Continue Reading