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Feedback, will someone explain this to me?

I don't really understand a listing agent calling me and asking for feedback on their listing.   The first time it happened I had no clue what they were asking.   "What do you mean by feedback?"   What do you think of the house. What does it matter Continue Reading

WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Update 1.1

Things are rolling along nicely in the world of Wordpress 2.1   I reported just a few days ago that I didn't thing this version was ready for prime time, it wasn't.   I think it is much closer now and most could update now following the upgrade Continue Reading

Tiga Theme updated for WordPress 2.1

The Tiga theme has been updated to deal with some of the changes made to the table structure for Wordpress 2.1The link is thanks to RT Cunningham at Untwisted Vortex  for his continued Continue Reading

Tobey’s New Image

Jonathan Dalton asked where I was with Tobey's bordered image.   Sorry Jonathan, I've been in a two day investment seminar here in Tucson.   And here in Tucson when someone asks where's the border it isn't usually a picture they are talking Continue Reading

WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Update

It has been an "interesting" couple of days since our upgrade to Worpress 2.1   For now here is my recommendation, WAIT   This upgrade is not ready for prime time.  MeaningIf you like to spend  hours and possibly days  getting your blog back Continue Reading

WordPress 2.1 is out Ella it is

Last last night I saw the new version of Wordpress was available for download and installation.   I added it first to the Tucson Real Estate in The News.   I followed the instruction of de-activationg all the plugins and backing up the database Continue Reading