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WordPress 2.3 Can An Interface Ruin Your Attitude About Blogging ?

The last day of the year, the time when everyone does the "Let's look back. . . " or the "Lets see what the future hold for 2008."I'm sitting here like I do so many days seeing there is yet another update to Wordpress version 2.3.2. I didn't Continue Reading

The Chronicle of a Domain Name Change to a Blog

Steve Belt has a running chronicle of what he went through while changing the ULR Domain Name for his blog. If you are thinking about making this kind of change you should read Steve's post on what you will probably encounter in the process.I Continue Reading

Real Estate Weblogging 101 Revisited

Here is how the first post began: Greg Swann at Bloodhound blog on June 21, 2007 launched the new blog Real Estate Weblogging 101.What Greg didn't realize was he also set in motion an experiment I have been wanting to run here in the Continue Reading

WordPress 2.3 and Askimet Approved Comments

I have moderation turned on for comments on the blog lab.   The setting is for approval of all first time comments and once approved the person making the comments can continue to make comments as long as there are not more than 3 links in a Continue Reading

Lightbox your way to a quicker load

I like big photos. I like them to fill as much of the space on the screen as possible. On an individual post the page size by K isn't too bad with large images. But when there are 5 to 10 posts on the home page all with images on them, it can Continue Reading

Supreme Ruler Feasting & PR

Need I write or even say the Ruler associated with PR. No not the Price is Right. Some would think it Pretty Risky, or Purposely Ridiculous. It was waited for two month longer than some thought it due.But once it arrived many hoped it would Continue Reading