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I Survived A Bubble Blog Attack Badge

Over the past few days we had one of our posts about Tucson Housing Bust come under attack by a couple of Bubble Blogs.   It is our first, and we survived.  Being attacked by a bubble blog seems to be a rite of passage for an RE blog.  We thought Continue Reading

Hittail, A Peek Behind The Curtain

I actually was using Hittail for quite some time before Mary at RSS Pieces mentioned it in her Top 10 Best SEO Web Tools.   There are a lot of good tools mentioned on that post.   I have used some of them and I've bookmarked that post and go back to Continue Reading

Urinal Marketing

Now this is what I call a man dedicated to marketing.   Notice his card is for "Affordable Health Package".   So if you feel like things aren't coming out as you had hoped at the moment, you have before you an opportunity to upgrade your health care Continue Reading

Permalinks SEO and Keywords in the URL

I have read that it is a good idea to have your keywords in the url.   For a long time I didn't know what that meant. Ok, so I'm old and not as quick to pick-up on somethings, but once I get it, I don't let go of it easily.   Sometimes it is hard to Continue Reading

Tiga Theme looses Formatting.

I'm using the Tiga theme for Wordpress on this blog and 6 others.   I like the theme and the flexibilty using the Tigarator (anyboby else  thinking Arnold here) for formatting the look of the blog quickly and easily.  There is one big bug.   If Continue Reading

RSS Chicklets in Sidebar Widget

Wait a miniute I thought I already read this, but now it is different.    Have you ever watched a movie over and found out they changed the ending on you since  you last saw it.   Well I'm changing this entire post.If RSS Feeds are a mystery to Continue Reading